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Specialist in energy storage system management

Bannière Sendyne

We are pleased to announce that Sendyne has recently joined JB Controls. This cooperation strengthens our position as a leading provider of industry solutions.

Sendyne ® technologies, in partnership in JB controls, encompasses new and effective approaches to solving many problems associated with large-scale energy storage, enabling cost reductions and superior performance in terms of battery pack utilization, improved lifespan, and accurate capacity prediction.

Key technologies for battery management systems include:

  • The SFP family of integrated circuits and modules for precise current, voltage, and temperature measurements with integrated Coulomb counting.
  • The SIM family of isolation controllers/fault detectors for ground fault protection.
  • dtSolve™, a low-profile, high-speed integrated predictive control module.
  • CellMod, high-precision physics-based cell and battery pack models.

Sendyne has recently expanded into other applications, including motor control and IoT, with its modeling and control products.

Sendyne Produits
application pour capteur de courant (sendyne)

Current sensor

application pour détection de défauts et-de masse-de terre (sendyne)

Detection of faults and ground fault / mass

Application pour capteur de tension

Voltage sensor

If you have any questions about Sendyne, feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you with all the necessary information and explanations about our partner.