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Whatever your industry, we have the components you need !

For almost 25 years, JB Controls, the aerospace industrial components distributor, has been supporting you in the development, definition, and supply of your mechanical and electromechanical components (Thermostats, pressure switches, pressure sensors, various protections, and much more). This specialty makes JB Controls a reference supplier in the fields of industry, aerospace, railway, HVAC, and Off-Road.

Customized Services

A specially trained team dedicated to finding the part you need at the best price and within the shortest possible time. Do you have a project? We will advise you on defining the product that meets your needs!

Delivery & Storage

We provide storage, secure your supplies, and deliver your products on demand, monthly, or weekly. Thanks to strong partnerships, we have stocks in France, Europe, and the United States.




Sendyne® encompasses new approaches to solving many problems associated with large-scale energy storage, allowing for cost reductions and superior performance in terms of battery pack utilization.

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Airpax Catalog

Discover the new Airpax quick selection catalog, designed to help you easily find the products you need. Our catalog offers a wide range of thermostats, circuit breakers, switches, and much more.

The Aerospace Range

Discover our aerospace products. Whether you are looking for circuit breakers, relays, thermostats, switches, and much more, you will find here a wide range of products designed for demanding applications in the aerospace industry.

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Our Thermostats

JB Controls provides the widest range of pre-set bimetallic thermostats for industrial, railway, off-road, aerospace, military, and space applications. Ranging from -54°C to +270°C, for both unit and volume series, fixed or on printed circuit boards, we will offer you the product suitable for your environment.
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Our Contactors

Explore JB Controls' extensive range of power contactors such as GV, GX, MX, PCB, and many more. Our range caters to your needs in both small-scale and large-scale applications, whether fixed or on printed circuit boards. Guaranteed reliability and performance, even in the most demanding environments.

Our HVAC Range

Discover our wide range of products dedicated to HVAC. Designed for demanding applications in terms of reliability, durability, and precision : Cost optimization, Products tailored to each application and their specificities, Improvement of the efficiency and reliability of your systems.


At JB CONTROLS, we are proud to engage in various sponsorship activities, by providing our support to organizations and events that share our values of innovation, quality, and commitment to the community.

Sponsorship: The 100 years of the autogyro

Sponsorship: The 100 years of the autogyro

On June 10th and 11th, 2023, at the Blois-Breuil airfield, a gathering is being organized by Maugerie ULM Autogire to celebrate "The 100 years of the autogyro"!

The program includes a gathering of autogyros, an exhibition, baptisms, and entertainment. These two days will therefore delight aviation history enthusiasts.

Castle Tour: for pilots, a rally is organized to share the beauties of the Centre region seen from the sky!

Dakar 2024 - Airbus Helicopters

Dakar 2024 - Airbus Helicopters


JB Controls supports the Desert Tigers team by supplying Gigavac® power contactors.

This project is led by motorsport enthusiasts employed by Airbus who promote their values through charitable and sporting activities.

Dakar 2024 goal : the Desert Tigers are developing a hybrid buggy with the aim of participating in Dakar 2024!


Sponsoring Femina Adventure

Sponsoring Femina Adventure

JB Controls is partnering with the Femina Adventure race in Guadeloupe from November 14th to 19th, 2023, by supporting the Quidames team!

The Femina Adventure Guadeloupe is a 100% women's raid that combines various sports. It is a humanitarian and eco-responsible race. Our two champions are running to support an association that fights and prevents cancer.

MIAM Collectif

MIAM Collectif

At JB Controls, we are proud to support the MIAM Collective project. We are convinced that their initiative to create an associative space where citizens can come together to share healthy and balanced meals, participate in cultural activities, and co-construct collective projects is not only beneficial for the community but also for the environment.