Electrical circuit protections

At JB Controls, we offer a complete range of high-quality electrical circuit protections from the world leader in the field, Sensata Technologies. Our products are used in various sectors such as automotive, HVAC, and home appliances. We provide thermal motor protectors as well as winding protectors to meet all your motor protection needs.

Our range of products are designed to meet the most demanding protection needs. We offer quality products that can detect and interrupt dangerous electrical faults before they cause irreparable damage.

Furthermore, we are committed to providing superior quality products that offer maximum reliability, performance, and safety. With our range of high-quality electrical circuit protection products, you can be sure that your motor will be protected against electrical damage and that you can maintain maximum productivity and optimal energy efficiency.

telecommunication application pour Bateau application pour protections circuit électrique (Airpax Protections Moteurs)


Bateau application pour protections circuit électrique

Marine Industry 

militaire application pour telecommunication, Bateau, protections circuit électrique et interrupteurs -switches (Airpax Protections Moteurs)

Defense et military

industrie-automobile application pour protections circuit électrique/ protections moteur


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