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JB Controls supplies various pressure switches from world leader Sensata Technologies in areas such as thermal protection, air conditioning, for pumps and compressors. Discover below our different ranges of pressure switches.

Visuel Pressostats
Pressostats PS80

Sensata pressure switch with accurate and reliable automatic reset. It is designed to fit a wide range of industrial applications such as HVAC, pumps, and compressors.

Factory preset, it offers a wide range of pressure settings, mechanical fittings, and electrical connections. Its robust mechanical construction allows for securing your installations within a pressure range of 0 to 50 bars.

The 20PS pressure switch family (including 20PS, 39PS, 40PS, and 41PS) was developed to meet the specific needs of HVAC and industrial applications (including off-road vehicles).

The reliable and durable construction allows the 20PS to operate in demanding environmental conditions and at very high vibration levels. Factory preset, this pressure switch offers many mechanical fittings and is designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to +120°C. The electrical connections are sealed in resin to prevent any contamination (dust, moisture, oil, etc.).

Pressostats 20PS
Pressostats 25PS

Sensata’s 25PS pressure switch family was designed for direct control of electric motors and other applications requiring high breaking capacity.

Sensata’s Klixon® snap-action disc is at the heart of the hermetically sealed 25PS. It also stands out for its high cycling capacity. It is available in both sealed and unsealed configurations, making it suitable for the most demanding electrical protection applications.

The 29PS series is a manual reset, single-pole, one-way, snap-action pressure switch.

The 29PS is based on Sensata Technologies’ long-standing industry standard control device, the 20PS. Factory preset, it is available with a wide selection of mechanical fittings. Its robust construction provides excellent shock and vibration resistance. The electrical connections are sealed in epoxy to prevent any contamination (dust, oil, moisture, etc.).

Pressostats 29PS


application construction-equipement pour interrupteurs - JB Controls Switches

Construction equipment

industrie-pharmaceutique (Kavlico Pressure Sensors) (capteurs kavlico)

Pharmaceutical industry

militaire application pour telecommunication, Bateau, protections circuit électrique et interrupteurs -switches (Airpax Protections Moteurs)

Commercial and military aviation

industrie-alimentaire (JB Controls Switches)

Food industry

Our Products

Référence Type Catégorie Description Fabricant Application Doc Image
PS1B Pressure Switch Pressostats Kavlico Food and beverage industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Dispesing and packaging machines, Sanitary applications, Combustion air flows, Oil and gas refineries, Chemical Processing, Fertilizer Manufacturing Consulter
PS1A Pressure Switch Pressostats Kavlico Food and beverage industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Dispesing and packaging machines, Sanitary applications, Combustion air flows, Oil and gas refineries, Chemical Processing, Fertilizer Manufacturing Consulter
Klixon PS80-2XSeries Pressure Switch Pressostats CO2 System Pressure Switches Klixon CO2 Air Conditioning, refrigerators, heat pumps, others Consulter
Klixon PS80 Series Pressure Switch Pressostats Automatic Reset Pressure Switches Klixon Air Conditioning (R410a, R22, R134a, R407c CO2 (R333a), Ammonia (R717)), Compressors & Pumps, Others Consulter
Klixon 7PS Series Pressure Switch Pressostats Hermetic Stainless Steel Pressure Switch Klixon Thermal Protection Consulter
Klixon 6PS & 7PS Series Pressure Switch Pressostats Hermetic Stainless Steel Pressure Switches Klixon Highly customized package and performance needs Consulter
Klixon 36PS Series Pressure Switch Pressostats Automatic Reset Pressure Switches Klixon Construction equipments, compressors, automation systems Consulter
Klixon 29PS Series Pressure Switch Pressostats Manual Reset Pressure Switches Klixon Air conditioning, compressors, pumps Consulter
Klixon 25PS Pressure Switch Pressostats Klixon Air conditioning, refrigeration, compressors, pumps Consulter
Klixon 20PS Pressure Switch Pressostats Klixon Compressors, pumps, engines and other Consulter

What is a Pressure Switch?

A pressure switch is a safety and control device used to monitor the pressure of a fluid (gas or liquid) in a closed circuit. It acts like an electrical switch by turning on or off the power to a circuit at a given pressure. Pressure switches are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications to automatically control pumps, fans, compressors, and many other types of equipment. It is triggered at a defined pressure, usually set at the factory.

Note: In this presentation, we will only focus on mechanical pressure switches. Therefore, we will not cover the case of electronic, vacuum, or differential pressure switches.

How does a Pressure Switch work?

A pressure switch is nothing more than a switch that triggers (flips) based on the pressure of a closed circuit.

The pressure switch consists of 2 connections:

The mechanical connector, which allows it to be attached to the circuit through which the fluid circulates, usually by screwing or welding it. Sometimes it is removed from the circuit to minimize the impact of the fluid temperature on its triggering.

The electrical connection which will allow to cut or supply a third-party function (for example, cut off the power supply of a compressor). Depending on the needs, this connection may be more or less protected (no protection, sealed or hermetic).

Pressostats ps80

The operation of a pressure switch is mainly based on its disc, also called a diaphragm. It is preconfigured at the factory to switch sharply and crisply at a predefined pressure.

This disc is stamped, giving it its convex shape, and at the defined pressure, it tilts and becomes concave, thus driving a small ceramic rod that in turn will close or open the electrical circuit.

Source: Sensata Technologies – diagram of a mechanical pressure switch for regulation and safety.

What are the common applications of pressure switches ?

Pressure switches are widely used to monitor the pressure of fluids (water, gas, refrigerants, etc.) in a closed circuit. As safety devices, they are commonly used in water pumps to maintain a constant pressure and prevent damage caused by excessive pressure. Pressure switches are also used in air conditioning systems and compressors to monitor the pressure of the refrigerant gas and even the oil pressure. In boilers and heating systems, pressure switches are used to monitor water pressure and ensure that the system operates safely.

Due to their role as safety and regulation devices, pressure switches are present in a wide range of industries. For example:

  • Water pumps, mainly to cut off the power supply of the pump and prevent overheating and destruction in case of evacuation problems.
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration systems, detection of refrigerant gas leaks, prevention of compressor overheating.
  • Boilers and heating systems, detection of overpressure caused by blockages in the hydraulic circuit, detection of water leaks.
  • Air compressors
  • Lubrication systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Off-road vehicle hydraulic braking systems
  • High-pressure cleaning equipment

These products can vary considerably in size and complexity, ranging from small domestic systems to large industrial installations. Pressure switches are often essential to ensure the proper functioning and safety of these systems.

What are the advantages of a pressure switch?

The advantages of pressostats are numerous, and we will list the main points below:

Safety : Pressostats help maintain a defined operating pressure in industrial machines and equipment, thus reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Cost : The vast majority of pressostats cost only a few euros.

Reliability and precision : Pressostats are simple mechanical devices that do not require energy to operate, making them very reliable and less prone to breakdowns. Each pressostat is configured to last a minimum number of cycles, which also depends on the electrical power to be cut.

Pre-calibrated : The vast majority of pressostats are pre-calibrated at the factory. They often have the advantage of being protected against environmental factors such as dust, water, oil, etc.

Adaptability : Pressostats are available in a multitude of sizes, finishes, and mechanical fixings.

What are the characteristics of Sensata's pressure switches?

Sensata offers a wide range of proven control and safety pressure switches that have been used for years in many industries. These switches stand out based on their applications and specific needs inherent to the environment, such as:

  • Breaking capacity (electrical power to be cut)
  • Protection of electrical connections (waterproof, hermetic, etc.)
  • Cycling capacity (number of possible state changes, e.g. 100,000 cycles)
  • Type of reset (automatic, returning to the initial state at a given pressure, widely used for pressure regulation OR manual, requiring operator action to reactivate the pressure switch)
  • Resistance to vibrations and shocks
  • Type of fluid used (gas, refrigerants, water, oils, CO2, etc.)
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