Bannières klixon

Klixon, Innovator in safety devices since 1956

Klixon offers a wide range of reliable and durable thermostats, pressure switches, and circuit breakers. Secure your equipment and installations with Klixon products.

The brand is committed to supporting its customers by offering reliable, high-performance, and innovative products. Open to various applications such as aerospace, defense, and industry, Klixon® products are designed to meet the specific needs of your systems.

As a long-standing partner of JB Controls, Klixon’s Precison Product components are distributed by JB Controls in Europe. Thanks to our partnership, you can benefit from the components you need for your applications in extreme environments.

aeronautique (Contacteurs de puissance Gigavac)


transports (Airpax Protections Moteurs)


Bateau application pour protections circuit électrique


militaire application pour telecommunication, Bateau, protections circuit électrique et interrupteurs -switches (Airpax Protections Moteurs)

Military and defense